In Judgment, Knowing

I am continuing to share my longer piece, On Word, Law and Life, in response to my study of Psalm 119.


                             In Judgment, Knowing

Jubilation! I know how you treat me!
As you promised, you treat me just so.
Judgment and knowledge are in your word,
and you teach me each day, because I see
your commandments as jewels.
Just then, again I thought I might wander
away from you again, but I know that in suffering, I yearned again
to hold onto your word.
Joy in the Word, Blessed!
Joy in your word! Teach me.
Judged by haughty and self-righteous hedonists,
I am defamed some days, but I do best when I set these things far away and
obey what you put before me.
Jaundiced and cold, calloused really,
they don’t see me, and miss you, Lord,
but I am happy again, enriched by your word.

(c) Tom Bolton, Tippecanoe, January 2012

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Offshoots from Morning Glory

I am again sharing the newsletter of Mineral Street Programs and Services by Lisa Hernandez.  There is are good words here and some news.

On the Path


Mineral Street Programs and Services, Inc.
Cultivating healthy individuals, healthy families, for a healthy community.

October 2014

Good news! The RCA Executive Board almost has their proposal to us complete. Here is what we do know. The building is going to go up for sale. MSPS (Mineral Street Programs and Services) will be able to stay in the building until it sells or if we are able to buy it. We still do not know at this time how much they are going to sell the building for. We also do not know how much they are going to charge us to lease the building. Please continue to keep praying about this.

So many people come through our doors. Some names I remember but most I don’t. When Morning Glory first started serving breakfast our mission was (and still is) to make each person feel special: not just a person going through the line but as a guest in our home. We used to take each person’s name and make their eggs the way they wanted them. They could have their eggs scrambled, sunny side up, over easy etc. Once we started serving over 40 people we had to start making all of the eggs scrambled and started to use the hot plate server. It is funny looking back now how no one complained how long it took for us to serve them. Well, almost no one. There was one person who would complain about everything. We would try our best to make “Jane” happy. We would hand out items that were larger than what others received. We would try to pay special attention and talk with her. We would try to give her the best but within our limits. Nothing seemed to work. There would be times when working with her would be so difficult and frustrating. There were also several times when we thought about not serving her anymore. Then one day something happened. For the first time there was a grateful attitude that came through the lines. She still complained a little but this particular day she gave me a hug and said thank you. Thank you for being here and helping me. She still comes through our lines every now and again. And each time serving her has become easier. We can’t help but thank God for using us to reach out to her and letting her know that God still loves her no matter what her attitude is. And isn’t it also a great reminder how God still loves us even when our attitude is not always the greatest?

So how can you help?
• First and foremost continue to pray while the details are being worked out with the building as we seek God’s direction.
• With the cold weather upon us we are in desperate need of clothes and winter items. Iglesia Trinidad used to have a clothing drive twice a year. Depending on the donations of clothes, we are going to try to have one the beginning of November. We will find a way to receive clothes not only on Saturday but during the week, too. Please contact Lisa to make arrangements.
• Come and volunteer. Morning Glory is open every Saturday from 9:00 – 11:00 am. As we start new programs more volunteers will be needed. We will also need help with maintaining the building, such as cutting the grass and removing snow from the sidewalks as well as anything else that may be needed.
• Support us financially. Checks can be made out to MSP&S and mailed to Tri-City National Bank; 4295 West Bradley Road; Brown Deer, WI 53209; ATTN: Penny Tillman

May God Bless you and this Ministry,

Lisa Hernandez

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Hope Rises

Continuing the Devotional Poem, On Word, Law and Life, based on Psalm 119.


Psalm 119:  57-64


Hope Rises, Hope is High

Hope. I have hope. Hope is my inheritance.
I hold tightly to your words and look into them; it is my promise.
Heart-deep, heart-filled, I hear your blessing–my hope. Hope.
Hearing my life over again–deep inside, and
Holding onto your word–I hasten to your calm, your guide.
Hesitating once, now with no halt, I
hasten to obey this day.
Hemp-ropes are tied about me, binds of my people, and I ignore  601655_169972666467393_1690513489_n
these binds today, positive in the word.
Heightened in this night, time perverted, I rise up,
hearing the word clearly in my head too,
Hopeful, friendly to brothers and sisters here in your word,
I have hope–Joy in the Word!
Hopeful, your mercy and justice find us;
hopeful, we heed these words of mercy–
Blessed! Joy in your word!

(c) Tom Bolton, Tippecanoe, February 2012


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Psalm 119

                     Grabbing His Name, Not Going to Fear

God-of-great-love, You give me hope, and I
grab your name and your word each night,
Glomming onto fear some nights, I recall God’s word, and in heaven there will be no suffering. God is good.
God-of-grace, here we suffer, or we suffer with those-who-suffer, and
God, yes, I grab onto your word.
Greedy for your comfort–I confess I am greedy–I
grasp your law, and at the threshold, I find
Goodness and comfort in the words.
Growing haughty and hot in anger at night,
holding onto fear in spite of myself, I
Grasp your name and hold it on my lips.
Going to a joyful place, in the Word, as in Psalms,  Ask, Seek, Knock
Joyfully Blessed!
Joyful in God’s word.
Grabbing hold of your name, God, this night,
Going away from fear,
Not going to deep sorrow, I turn to joy.
Guiding principles gild my heart now, and
God, you give me hope. Hope. Hope. Hope.


(c) Tom Bolton, January 2012, Tippecanoe

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2014 Homeless Day Video

Homeless Day Video

Not local, but a thoughtful message!

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World Homeless Day Connecting

Tom Bolton:

I’m a day late posting this again.

Originally posted on Hopeful:

The purpose of World Homeless Day (on 10/10 each year) is to draw attention to homeless persons’ needs locally and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness. It is a vehicle for connecting resources and communities. Over 100 million families may be homeless world-wide today.

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On reading John 6.


                    Manna in My Life

Not so hungry in my belly, I still love
My morning manna.
Some mornings I put nut spread on my matzoh,
and taste and texture combine to thrill me.
And better than hard rolls in the morning,
We are made to be the yeast to raise the bread.
When the flour is whole and coarse and real,
The yeast works wonders in the bread.

Not so hungry in my belly,
Still I hunger in the morning.
The Word fills me in ways I feel deep in me.
Deep in me, my health surges.
Deep in my gray matter, my thoughts are vital.   MH900400134
Deep in my soul, I am eternal.
I am blessed to be filled each day.
Thank you for my daily bread.

(c) Tom Bolton, April 24, 2012, Milwaukee


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