Continuing: On Commands, Law and Life

Still meditating on living a righteous life, I returned to Psalm 119.

R.  Rejected and Restored

Remember that there are so many phonies here, but I am still
Restored, in loving the word, and refreshed.
Revealed in love, you are sometimes my hiding place, and you are a
Rock in the entry, powerful, holy God.
Restore me and set me aside–even when in
my humanity, I seek to fit in, and be in, in the crowd.
Regarding your decrees, as I hear them each day in some small
voice deep in me, God-of-grace,
Restore my hope, high above any disappointment.

Respect for your word, just God, lifts me up,
and I am safe in your arms, held in your words.
Rejecting you, the evil ones wander off,
regretting that lost confidence, and that they are
Rejected by their own laws. I am torn.
Revolted by the rubbish, the evil ones,
all around me, everywhere, I want you to
Rid us of them, ……but
Regulations are deep in the commands, I have hope,
Regard for your words; I am confident somehow in this

T. Treat Me With Kindness, Teach Me

Tense, I am wound tight in this tension,
Graceful God:
Treat me with kindness; why don’t you
act right now, God? Crush this evil.
Trounce them, crush them; why do you wait?
Treat them with my golden rule.
I hate this wickedness and I want you to punish,
but you, God, treat them with such patience!
Treat me patiently, too, God-of-Grace;
Treat me, treat me, treat me well.
Treat me with kindness. Teach me.
Trust binds me up, strengthens me, when
I am doubting; my
Trust is built in the strength of your words.
Trusting, I will be your servant;
Trusting, I serve when I still put myself
higher–not a servant!
Trusting, I pray in words that I know
God will know. Do I know? Do I trust?

S. Smile on Me

Set these miracles brilliantly in my life;
Smile on me and I will obey. Then, will I?
Son-shine, shine on me, sunshine bathing me,
an open door, revealing the words.
Sucking up your words, like some succulent
sponge, I
seek deep in me for your word.
See me, spare me, smile at me, and
Set me free.
Step beside me, lock-legged with you,
and bound together in your commands, gentle God.
Save me from evil-all-around me. Set me free!
Save me so that I will obey your commands to me.
Smile on me.
Teach me.
Streams pour from my eyes:
Joyful in the Word!
Saddened, I too grieve for those who miss the mark.

U.   I am Unimportant

Unfair actions happen all around me.
Unknown to many, your Word is fair, because
You are righteous, as you teach us.
Untested at once, we seize hold of
your word, because it is fair and reliable.
Unused to such truth, I burn up with fervor,
Unable to forget these words.
Ugly, ugly; ugliness is all around,
but your word, Holy One, is tested, and
I love it. I love to be with you, God-of-grace.
I am unimportant,
Unimportant, and yet you gave me words to hold as my own.
Unimportant as I am, your
Word is reliable to me.
Unrepentant too often, I find trouble in terror,
but the word of Just-God gives me joy.
Unfailing, the written words are always there for me,
and I am open: Help me to
Understand the words, so that I will live.

©   Thomas Bolton, February 29, 2012


About Tom Bolton

I'm a Husband and Dad, an Enterprise Systems Manager at the City of Milwaukee, and a Disciple and Lay Servant at First United Methodist of West Allis. I love working beside young people. As I study the Bible, sometimes I feel moved to work through my understanding by writing poetry. I also am going through a process to discern my calling, and to learn more about Christian Leadership. Sometimes I just feel like writing about something that grabs my attention too.
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