Devotions to Our God in the Manger: Human Healing

John 12:17

A D V E N T   2 0 1 4:      D E V O T I O N S   T O   O U R   G O D   I N   T H E   M A N G E R

Week 4                                                                                                                Human


Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human Healing

So human, so frail,
Can it be?  He lifts us up and raises us, human response and divine guide.
We are low and our spirits ail, and He is our resurrection.
We are in dread and aware of pains not real, and yet real, and
He raises us whole.
He is our healer, our redeemer,
our Savior.
We light the candle of Hope as we await the coming of
Jesus, who is our source of hope.
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of hope, in our times of
emptiness and Darkness.
We light the candle of Peace, knowing that Jesus is the
Prince of Peace.
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of peace in our times of
uncertainty and fear.
We light the candle of Joy, knowing that our comfort and help come from God.
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of joy in our times of
sadness and Grief.
We light the candle of Love, knowing that God is love
revealed to us in Jesus Christ.
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of love in our times of
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with
God, and the Word was God.
The Word became flesh and lived among us, full of
grace and truth.
In him was life, and that life was the light of all. We know that
Jesus is our hope, our peace, our joy and the source of love.
In manger born,
He moves about with us,
yesterday and today.
He invites the Spirit to be in us,
and we are filled,
redeemed in Holy words.
He is the light in the darkness of our night.
He is the Word, filling our spirits.
He heals us and leads us to eternity.
We yearn to see Him each day.

(c) Tom Bolton, 20 December 2014, Bay View Wisconsin


About Tom Bolton

I'm a Husband and Dad, an Enterprise Systems Manager at the City of Milwaukee, and a Disciple and Lay Servant at First United Methodist of West Allis. I love working beside young people. As I study the Bible, sometimes I feel moved to work through my understanding by writing poetry. I also am going through a process to discern my calling, and to learn more about Christian Leadership. Sometimes I just feel like writing about something that grabs my attention too.
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